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Mayor of Monbetsu City

Mombetsu is located in the center of the coastal area of the Sea of Okhotsk, and blocked in by masses of drift ice duringwinter, the city is at the mercy of a harsh natural environment. Its historydates back to the Jokyo era, when the Matsumae clan established Soya-basho(port place) here as a good natural port. Since then, Mombetsu has developedalong with its mainstay industries: fisheries,agriculture and forestry.
Mombetsu is undertaking acity planning process based on the principle "citizens and the privatesector are playing important roles," in which their wisdom and ideas areappreciated and more efficient administration is sought. We havechosen the following six objectives in our city planning to fill Mombetsuwith dreams: embodiment of people's heart-to-heart warmth; creation ofvibrant industries; nurturing future generations with enriched and healthylifestyles; establishment of urban communities where citizens can leadsafe and invigorating lives; linking the Sea of Okhotsk area to the world;and making the city hall a bright, friendly and uncomplicated place.
To this end, we are striving to promote measures to cope with the aging population. These measures will include the establishment of comprehensive health-care and preventive medical systems which are closely related to citizens' lives, organization of local medical structures and improvement of a variety of welfare facilities. Improvement of educational facilities to nurture the potential of children, who will be the leaders of the future, and consolidation of life-related facilities such as sewerage and local roads are also being promoted. In addition, we are implementing the following projects: encouragement of vital local industries, development of year-round and longstay-type tourism capitalizing on our local assets, drift ice research, international exchanges, construction of New Mombetsu Airport, improvement of Mombetsu Port (designated major port), and construction of a high-grade major road network.
By making the most of our existing social capital, the City of Mombetsu continues steady progress with the intention of creating a vibrant core city of the Okhotsk region, which is full of promising potential, in which people have pride. love and dreams.

Yoshikazu Miyakawa
Mayor of Mombetsu

〒094-8707 北海道紋別市幸町2丁目1番18号
TEL 0158-24-2111 / FAX 0158-24-6925

執務時間 月曜日 ~ 金曜日 8時45分 ~ 17時30分まで